FSX. Yak-130 Interior

interior FSX Yak-130, dengan instrumen 3D

bisa diunduh di sini

tapi sebelumnya, pasang dulu ini


8 thoughts on “FSX. Yak-130 Interior”

  1. Thank you so much for this superb model, I will try to mod the cockpit a bit to place the mfd’s, I will send you the results. Thanks again Mr Tahir. xD.

  2. Hi Mr Tahir, I fly your plane for a couple of days now, I have to say that I enjoy it pretty much 🙂
    One annoying thing is that it moves with the throttles at 0, taxi is a bit too fast… if you got a fix please let me know.
    The flight dynamics seems in accordance with the planes specifications but again I’m not a specialist…

    Concerning the VC:
    I would like to congratulate you on the gauges (I assume that you’re the author) lovely detailed Russian gauges!!!
    Did some tests with the vc textures but I need to work a lot more on that part… And by the way the vc you made is almost identical to the earlier version of the Y130, very nice. (the front pillar needs a tiny bit of thinning or maybe it’s because I’m on wide-screen?)

    I did try to mod the cockpit a little bit but to no avail… -_- …

    It seems that the vc is model encoded like a pure fsx model, am I right?
    I would like to offer my help as I would love to be able to upgrade the vc to the M2 version with the all-digital avionics suite.

    The external model will need an upgrade too, mainly the 9 hard points, the laser range finder, the refuelling probe and the SNPU 130 pod for the Gryazev Shipunov canon (and or) the OGS for bomb guidance.
    Some touch ups on the external model are also needed to make it “seemless” but again that’s another story.

    I wondered if you’re up for it Mr Tahir xD. Thanks.

    1. well, thank you! 🙂
      i think the aircraft.cfg must be modified to fix the taxiing issue.
      well, it’s almost identical to the earlier version because that what i used for references 😉 and for the newer vc, yes it is model encoded. do you have any detailed information, pictures etc. about the M2 version?
      best wishes

  3. Hi again Mr Tahir,
    About the M2 version I did gather some nice infos, the blueprint for the refuelling probe and the SNPU are available, I also studied some VC multi perspective 3D views from Yak. and other little bits and pieces, it is an awesome little aircraft that could save Yakovlev xD
    Please you’re welcome to have a look at all of this of course.
    Are you still at yahoo?

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